On Isla Mujeres

Golf Cart Rental

One of the most popular ways for visitors to explore Isla Mujeres is by golf cart.

Cruise along at your own speed, find Isla’s hidden treasures, beautiful views, and delicious local food. We can help you to reserve and rent one of these, with some trusted companies that we work alongside. Please ask for more information and we can check availability.

(Note: You will need your drivers license to rent a golf cart)



Another great way to explore Isla Mujeres is with a moped.

(Note: You will need your drivers license to rent a moped.)


Why not choose to go a little slower and work out along the way? There are some bicycle rental shops close by.


Have an adventure filled day on Isla Mujeres. Kayak or snorkel around the beautiful natural reef, experience flying as you zipline through the sky. Enjoy a buffet, relax in hammocks, use the swimming pool and drink at the open bar. Maybe even experience a pre-hispanic steam bath, known as a Temezcal.

Dolphin Discovery

Have an unforgettable day at Dolphin Discovery. Choose from different packages. All packages include all inclusive food and drinks.

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